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Welcome to Sand Castle Website!  

We are happy to have you today with us. Whatever story genre you want, we have it here. Sand Castle Documents will satisfy your cravings for any type of reading materials all-year round. 

Sand Castle is an online platform for readers and writers alike. The stories we publish here varies, and it covers every genre possible including fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, romance, young adult, historical, horror, and poetry among others. All these stories are published by both professional writers and amateur ones. 



The basic goal of Sand Castle is to give an opportunity to those aspiring writers to let the world see their work. Our reputation has already reached the global market so this is not anymore a hardship to anyone. As long as you have the talent, the passion, and the perseverance, your work will flourish here with us. What more is that even if you are a start-up writer, you’ll get the support group you deserve. We have a team that would easily cater to your needs. Other members of the group are willing to help as well giving you tips and recommendations that come from their own experiences.  

Now, it is easier to bring forth your writing out of that contemporary garage door repair in Gilbert AZ  you have. It could now have the exposure you need to catapult your writing career to the next level. 


Are you a book addict? Then we just have the right drug to feed your addiction. You’ll never again lose the capability to find a new book because we update our files on a daily basis. Whether it’s just a new chapter that you crave or a whole new story after finishing another one, then you can find it here. Plus, all of these come for free. Your bank would never get exhausted anymore for all those books you buy. When you subscribe to us, you could already get access to hundreds and thousands of stories we are constantly updating. What more is that you also give those writers who need exposure the support they deserve.  



At Sand Castle, we also make it easier for everyone to interact with their favorite authors. You could simply add them up on your favorites list, follow their account to check what they are up to, and simply leave a message on the comment box of every chapter of stories they write for them to get back to you later. You can place your questions here to be responded to by the community and the writers themselves, or you could address this via personal messages in this inbox.  



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From time to time, our followers here in the community let our writers know the kind of story they want. You can take part of this and let your want known or you could simply communicate with them to get other kinda of story you may enjoy. 

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