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Sand Castle is overwhelmed by the support we are getting from the general public. From our reach of only 10000 during our first year in the industry, we have now reached several hundred thousand and we are still growing. Our reach has been crawling to all over the world.  

Want to know more about the Sand Castle and what we do? Then we have compiled the most frequently asked questions by the public for your reference. If what we have below doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to contact us anytime. 


What is the Sand Castle about? 

Sand Castle is your online publishing platform that caters to both professional and amateur writers. We publish their works for free to gain the exposure they need from our readers worldwide. 

We are also serving as the largest online library for avid readers out there. We have all genres here that you could enjoy whenever and wherever you are. 


Who can write at Sand Castle? 

Everybody can. As long as you have the account, and you have the passion to write.  


Can we publish our works in another language? 

Yes. You can publish your works in any language you want. We have a global reach so rest assured that people from your country or the country you want to get as your market would be able to read it. If not, we also have a team of multilingual who could translate it for you for free. The copyright of this will remain yours. 


Do the registration come for free? 

Yes, we do not collect any payment for all things published in the Sand Castle Site. 


Can I earn from all my works published here? 

The only way to earn from this site is via ads posted in your works. If you are able to establish a good supporter based network, then it is most likely that you’ll earn from us.