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Being Odd is Not Wrong 

Melissa Banks, Writer 

Posted 02/18/16 01:12:59 

I’ve always thought that I was odd – keeping to myself and just doodling the day away with stories that come into my mind. I was not really an outgoing person preferring to stay at home to either read or write. The bad thing is just no matter how I itch to write something, I was easily gunned down by the thought that nobody would be interested in reading it, much more publishers who’d be interested in publishing it. I was not backed by any degree, nor any people that matter. I only have the talent to do it. 

Good thing I discovered Sand Castle. It gave me a new purpose to inspire through my writing. They also gave me the proper training I needed to boost up my confidence to actually publish something. The writers here are also very helpful in giving tips and helping me with the editing of my work. They became my number one confidante, mentors, and critiques. And all worked in the end because I gained so many followers who love my books. 

Now not only writing with Sand Castle is fun and enjoyable. It already has become a career that makes me earn more than 700$ a month. It also prepared me for a larger opportunity in the industry of writing. I’m going to publish my first book next month and I can never thank Sand Castle enough for it.